Terms of use

Quite simply, don’t use my images and comics for commercial use.

I am a speech-language pathologist. Can I use your comics in therapy sessions?


Can I print your comics to hang on my wall?

Yes! Just don’t sell them.

Can I make a t-shirt with one of your images for myself or someone I know who stutters (example, a child)?

Well… I’d rather that you ask me first. The reason being is the images here on the website will appear blurry when printed on tshirts. I am planning on selling official Franky Banky merchandise including t-shirts which is why I prefer that you ask me first. This way, I can find out what designs Franky Banky fans would like! 

Can I include your comics in my PowerPoint slides?

Yes, but please include credit to me, Daniele Rossi and frankybanky.com or stutteringiscool.com. Please also let me know because I enjoy learning about how my art is helping others in ways I never imagined!

Can I translate your comics? 

Please ask me first. Translating documents is a nuanced art in itself which is why I give priority to professional translators. However, I am open to others creating translations. I’d be happy to chat!

The Ti-Ger Analogy of Stuttering is one of the comics I hope to offer in as many languages as possible.