Pprivacy Policy

When you contact me via the contact form on this website, or by email, or via any of the social networks, your name, email address, messages, whatever you share is safe with me. Even when you sign up for the Franky Banky Newsletter.

Your information is safe because I have no knowledge nor interest in revealing or selling your information. I have better things to do with my time like drawing Franky Banky comics than be Mr. Shady Guy selling your data. 

That said, I have no control over what third-party services I use (such as MailChimp for the email newsletter) but I am mindful about their privacy policies.

For now I am using Google Analytics to see how people use this website. Your identify is not recorded. Well, to Google, yes, but I have no access to that. And I don’t want it. I am looking for alternative web metrics to use that, unlike Google, actually respect your privacy and have no financial interest in your privacy or whatever it is that you do on the web. If you’re concerned about your privacy when surfing, I highly recommend using the Brave browser. I used it, too! Full disclosure – I receive no money for mentioning them. I have no stock or any other financial interest in Brave (I don’t even know if it’s possible to have financial gain from mentioning Brave but like I said, I prefer to focus on drawing Franky Banky comics). 



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