A cartoon fox named Franky Banky is sitting in front of his computer and participating in a Zoom chat. He is unshaven, holding up a martini glass saying to the camera, and stuttering cheers guys! Behind him is a large pile of laundry with flies circling above. This panel is captioned as being Franky Banky's Zoom chat with friends number 273.

Author’s commentary

Many people who stutter have reported that it’s harder for them to speak in Zoom chats. So I depicted Franky Banky stuttering more and more as the pandemic and Zoom use continue during the pandemic. Though he doesn’t hide his stuttering.

I also added a number of tributes to friends of mine in the stuttering community. The first is where Franky Banky is all dressed up in top hat and tails – two friends of mine dressed up that way for the dance party at the end of the National Stuttering Association virtual conference.

The second panel contains a nod to my friend Audrey who suggested this topic for a comic strip.

The third tribute takes place in the final panel where Franky Banky is wearing blue lenses to block out the blue light from his monitor. I had started a Zoom chat with an SLP friend who uses them to keep his eyes from getting fatigued from all the screen use from conducting teletherapy.

This comic was originally published in French in the Association Bégaiement Communication newsletter.

October 17, 2020

Daniele Rossi's artistic signature
An illustration of the author standing next to a pile of sketchbooks. Franky Banky is sitting on top reading one of the books. Ti-Ger is sneaking around the bottom.
Book cover with an illustration of Franky Banky talking on the phone

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