Author’s commentary

During my covert years, I’ve had friends and family question me a number of times when I avoided certain speaking situations like making a phone call or ordering food. It felt like stuttering hadn’t crossed their minds at all. I thought of doing the same for Franky Banky but using the setting of a lover’s quarrell.

The part where Emmanuela seems to have disappeared when Franky Banky opens his eyes after stuttering happend to a friend while he was arguing with his wife. They were face to face. There he was, stuttering away, his eyes closed while he tried to get his words out, then opened them when he was able to say what he needed to say but his wife vanished. “Where’d she go?”, he wondered. She had left the room in a huff while he had his eyes shut. Stuttering does create some funny moments!

This comic strip was originally posted on the 2015 ISAD Online Conference website.

September 26, 2020

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An illustration of the author standing next to a pile of sketchbooks. Franky Banky is sitting on top reading one of the books. Ti-Ger is sneaking around the bottom.
Book cover with an illustration of Franky Banky talking on the phone

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