Download and print the Franky Banky Board Game, get your friends, and go on an adventure through teleports, airplane rides, climbing up ladders, sliding down snakes, making faces and more silly fun!

Pandemic? No problem! Meet your friends online and use your creativity to play this game with your webcam!

The Franky Banky board game!

Author’s commentary

I enjoyed creating my own board games when I was a kid. I revisted that joy by creating a Franky Banky board game in French for the December 2020 issue of the Association bégaiement communication newsletter. In fact, I had a little help from ABC members, Audrey Bigras and Jean-François Leblanc, in brainstorming this board game.

I enjoyed desinging and putting this game together so much that I made an English version available right here on!

Find something to use as players, a coin to use to take turns, and enjoy the merriment! Further instructions are on the board game itself. Oh, and don’t forget to download and print the Franky Banky board game first!

December 21, 2020

Daniele Rossi's artistic signature
An illustration of the author standing next to a pile of sketchbooks. Franky Banky is sitting on top reading one of the books. Ti-Ger is sneaking around the bottom.
Book cover with an illustration of Franky Banky talking on the phone

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