A headline reads, there’s no need to tell someone who stutters to breathe. A cartoon man is holding up his baby photo and stuttering, it’s nice you’re thinking of us but quite frankly, we’ve been breathing since birth.
A headline reads, stuttering isn’t caused by low self-esteem or being nervous. A cartoon woman is stuttering All that stuff is caused by bullying, funny looks and stupid jokes made from the way we talk.
A headline reads, don’t finish someone’s sentence if they are stuttering. A cartoon man is stuttering, we know you mean well, but we just need a little more time to say what we’d like to say.
A headline reads, stuttering has nothing to do with level of intelligence. A cartoon woman is stuttering, We just talk this way. That’s all. Don’t give us low marks in oral exams because of our stuttering.
A headline reads, people who stutter never forget their name. A cartoon man holding a martini glass is stuttering, you wouldn’t believe how many times we get asked about this.

In 2014, I created 5 awareness ads for International Stuttering Awareness Day to dispel the most common misconceptions of stuttering. They were a big hit as my ads were shared around the world across social networks. Many requests came in from speech language pathologists asking if the awareness ads could be downloaded and printed out for displaying in their offices or handing them out at schools. Of course they can!

You can download a PDF featuring all five of these stuttering myth busters. Please note that they are not accessible to screen readers yet.

I’ve also written an article on LinkedIn about stuttering awareness in the workplace. Feel free to share that one, too!

Update: I revamped these ads into one big Franky Banky comic in October 2023! Check it out at How NOT To Talk To People Who Stutter.

September 18, 2020

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